The purpose of the development of Bi okay was to create a natural and refreshing beverage. Bi okay is made of organic Biosa Basic, natural/organic flavourings and mineral water with a moderate amount of carbonic acid. Also a natural sweetener from the stevia plant is used.

Biosa Basic is a fermented concentrate containing probiotic microorganisms, lactic acid bacteria, herbal infusions and organic acids. Production processes have been developed on the basis of many years of experience. The content of Biosa Basic makes Bi okay self-preserving and thus gives a long shelf life. It is therefore not necessary to refrigerate it, but is however best enjoyed cool.

Bi okay is an organic product, and synthetic or nature identical raw materials are not used in the production. But as EU has not yet approved stevia for use in organic foods, the sweetened version of bi okay isn't certified organic. Bi okay has a high content of beneficial microorganisms. The concept of probiotics has been known for over 100 years. But unlike in the past, modern consumers rarely get sufficient amounts of probiotic microorganisms through their food.

Bi okay is sold in health food stores.

Bi okay